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At citranet, our services enable, enrich and empower our clients to focus on what really matters - their core businesses. We provide solutions customized to our client’s IT needs and further manage their IT requirements, freeing them to optimize Time, maximizing Quality and Money to achieve respective business goals.

At Citranet Sdn Bhd, we seek to become your technology partner and it is our passion to enable your business goals with cost effective cutting edge ICT solutions that add the best value.

What uniquely ours, setting us apart from any other service provider is our unique approach towards understanding organizations needs. Citranet Sdn Bhd was founded based on principles that add noticeable value with impeccable service, delivered at justifiable costs to our clients.

Citranet Sdn Bhd specializes in the outsource management of ICT services based on our customers requirements. As network infrastructure and services become increasingly complex to manage and administer, finding the people and resources to manage and maintain has also become very difficult. Citranet Sdn Bhd was founded to deliver exactly that.

We believe that through our service offering we address the basic and advance needs that are often not addressed by outsource agreements. Providing ICT services goes beyond service delivery and support. At Citranet Sdn Bhd we believe it’s about managing all activit throughout the services life cycle. Citranet Sdn Bhd has holistic approach that enables us to add noticeable value, saving cost and providing the highest degree of service to all our clients.